Do you have a life sentence?

Oprah once asked the question to her readers: “What is your mantra to live by?” or as I am calling it: “What is your life sentence?” I’ve thought about this a lot and thought about something profound, but it never sounded quite right. I must say, some of my biggest lessons in life: cancer that lead to the loss of my mom,  a home break in  two days after Christmas following my Mom’s passing, two car accidents shortly after and then confronting the burglars in court.  I often wondered why would all of this be happening at such a very sad time, but I am firm believer everything happens for a reason. Shortly after these events, which only seemed fitting I developed a mild case of  shingles. In addition, I developed a slightly lazy eye due to the stress, but fortunately it corrected itself within a year.  I must say, a very busy year and a half following my Mom’s passing along with my job teaching and life in general.

I remember the doctor asking: “Has anyone told you that you have a slightly lazy eye?” Actually, no, but ironically I told myself one day while looking at a picture, but failed to recognize it. Cancer, loss, car accidents,  a home break in,  shingles and a slight lazy eye brought me to my life sentence.  There is no other present than time, listen and learn.  Time is a gift, listen to the messages life is sending you and learn from them.

There is no other present than time, listen and learn.

I have always though that I have to use time to my advantage.  Who doesn’t? I have learned to listen to my instincts and use the time I have to my advantage.   Take care of yourself and use your time wisely. Work and life can be  stressful, but take care and  listen and learn what your mind amd body are telling you. Enjoy the time you have, and make the most of it. Remember: slow and steady wins the race!

What is your life sentence?


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