Dear Worry,

I’ve learned through experience, worry is an answer in disguise that unfolds beyond our control, but will never let us down because there is a purpose that is so much better and greater than we intended. Why worry? Worrying doesn’t solve anything. Anything. Relax, do you what you can, believe, have faith, look back on all that you’ve accomplished,  smile and breathe.
You’ve got this!


4 thoughts on “Dear Worry,

  1. Very timely! I have been “casting down” terrible thoughts of failure. I had terrible dreams last night of not being able to get where I need to go. I kept waking up and saying out loud…I can do this.
    Great reminder. I might have to pick up one of Ms. Ten Boms books and refresh a bit.

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    1. Thanks Wendy for sharing! I will def. pick up one of her books, so inspiring! Sometime, we can be our own worst enemy, but we always need to remind ourselves everything has a purpose and we come out better, I believe! Thanks for reading!

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      1. Did you know she was a holocaust survivor? She was preaching on forgiveness (after the war) when she saw one of the guards who tormented her and her sister at their camp. The man accepted Jesus and asked for her forgiveness. Her story is heartbreaking and wonderful.


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