Current of Time among the Waves…

Grief takes time but, just maybe time brings out clarity. As an ocean flows with the current and tide, it sustains a rhythm centered by outside forces. Grief  has a flow that is sustained differently by each person, a wave in a sense that is centered amongst a current, a very unique current due to many outside factors.
Grief, I always thought was the same for everyone until I was caught in the current.  Trust your ability to swim against the uncontrollable tide and ride the waves. Remember,  you know yourself and your grief the best. Have faith in yourself even when the waves come crashing down on you that you will bask in the sunlight and ride the wave back to the shore in time.

4 thoughts on “Current of Time among the Waves…

  1. It’s been a little over a month since my mom passed. I’ve felt relief, and frustration, but not much else. I keep wondering if I spent my grief during her 4 year fight and the difficulty during her last few months. Your post gives me courage to keep moving along and not second guessing what I am supposed to be feeling. Thanks.

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    1. Wendy, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. I have to agree, I look back and I grieved the year my Mom fought cancer and was relieved for her when she passed because she wasn’t suffering. I find that there is no timeline, person or experience that can or should dictate the relationship you had, but that relationship is alive in spirit. You are welcome and I am glad you are not second guessing yourself. Take care Wendy!

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  2. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 30…I also was relieved she wasn’t suffering any longer, which seemed the expected response. But grief came along. Due to the way my family dealt with painful things (suppression!) I tried to deny and hurry my grief; it felt self-indulgent somehow. I found out grief has a mind of its own. It will fester if not honored. I like what you write about the subject. I think more thoughtful discussion of grief and the acknowledgement that all grieve differently is so important. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for the kind words. I agree, grief does have a mind of its own mixed in with the reality of life, honoring it, being patient and understanding really help the process in my opinion.


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