Clean up Aisle 4!


As I was at the grocery store reaching up to put my favorite peach mango salsa in my cart, it happened. I couldn’t help it and the only thing I could do was quickly get out of the way while releasing a huge sigh of “ugh.” “Ugh” my favorite peach mango salsa shattered on the floor sprinkled with tiny pieces of glass. At this point, being that I was the only person standing in aisle 4 staring at my peach mango pinched with a tad of glass decorating the floor, I had two choices. Walk away or go find help. Good thing I really love peach mango salsa and thought too highly of it to let it lay on the floor. I found help and within minutes as I stood next to the salsa, like I was waiting for the rescue team to show up, it was announced, “clean up aisle 4, clean up in aisle 4.” Within minutes, it became a parade of people passing to the sounds of “ugh”, “that really stinks”, “yikes” and “a good thing it didn’t get you.” The kind, sweet grocery store worker came immediately with a bucket, mop, warning sign in hand and a smile, “this happens all time, don’t worry about it, thanks for letting us know, some people just walk away.” Pheew, it was over and it ended well, until next time peach mango salsa, but thanks for the lesson.

What was the lesson, if a glass jar of peach mango salsa hits the ground it will break? No, as I walked away and laughed to myself that things like this happen, sometimes life is about “clean up aisle 4” moments. It’s how we choose to react and embrace these moments that at times are beyond our control. Sometimes, what we imagine to be awful isn’t really that bad at all, life is a journey mixed with a little of peach mango salsa if you so desire.


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