Where is the Joy?

Where is the joy this Holiday season? I believe it’s all around if we continually seek it. The joy is still there even if you are grieving a loved one’s loss. Where can I find it? Everywhere. Your loved one wants you to be happy and find the joy. Yes, it may be hard and exhausting especially if your loss is fresh. If your loss is new, you may even pick up a Christmas card and think, what the heck do I need to be jolly and happy about and throw it back into the card rack and leave the store! You probably don’t want to or find the need to celebrate. Celebrate what you do still have and all that is to come. If your loss is new, I get it, you may think I am exhausted, overwhelmed with sadness and how can I celebrate any thing?  Your celebration honors yourself and loved one and all that loved them. I can say this, celebrate all that is around you, but value your feelings and honor the need of solitude. Traditions with your loved one will be missed, but treasure the memory and bask in the new joys of life you have and all that is yet to unfold. Take joy in the laughter  of those memories all the while making new  memories knowing your loved one is so proud.  One of my favorite memories of my Mom was visiting NYC at Christmas, I am so glad I have that memory and so many to cherish this Holiday and look forward to the joy of the Holidays spent friends and loved ones. Happy Holidays!



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