Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks?


Why celebrate our thanks for just one day on Thanksgiving? Everyday if you think about it there is always something to be grateful for. Everyday. It is about perspective and looking beyond ourselves and   keeping the faith that life is not a race, but a journey, a journey that at times we don’t understand and we are not suppose to. A journey I believe where God is in control for our greater good.

I am eternally grateful for the loving Mom I lost to Cancer and believe it or not, eternally grateful for Cancer. However, my heart didn’t instantly fill with gratitude that day my Mom was diagnosed with Cancer. I received even more gratitude than I bargained for that day. Gratitude in my heart allowed me to see that Cancer was out of my control and in God’s hands, the Doctor’s skill, my Mom’s Cancer and its’ own identity of how her body responded.  It wasn’t Thanksgiving Day when this happened. Everyday is a day to give thanks. The thanks you give is your choice.

I love everything about Thanksgiving. It seems to me that Giving Thanks daily brings us more love.

How can I be grateful for Cancer? Here’s some of the thanks I give:

1. Faith

2. Support and Love of Family and Friends

3. Keeping a Positive yet Realistic Outlook

4. Importance of Hope

5. It is just Important to know People Care

6. Small acts of Kindness

7. Self-Care

8. Enjoying the Moments of Life

9. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

10. You are Stronger than you Know

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