Trick or treat?

halloween-trick-or-treat-10-17“it’s like the devil is on my one shoulder and an angel on the other,  just like you see in cartoons, you know and the devil is whispering, but I see the angel’s wings and I want to be like that.”  Choices, we all make choices. I loved that he made this analogy.

As I was at the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge preparing a dinner for the patients and caretakers we had a basket full of Halloween candy and as the dinner was winding down, I began talking to people at their tables and passed out the candy as I jokingly said trick or treat and they enjoyed the candy. So, as I am standing in the dining room of the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge where cancer patients and a caretaker are staying during their treatment and whom are extremely grateful that myself and volunteers just hosted dinner, I thought to myself, “why the heck, am I saying trick or treat, really, it’s not a trick or treat to be fighting cancer.” So, then I stopped and politely smiled and just shared the candy. Trick or treat, is cancer or life in general just really a trick or treat? Trick or treat, is cancer or life in general, sometimes a halloween bucket of candy dumped on the floor and we sort out the good moments and not so good moments, share some moments and keep some moments to ourselves. Think about it, I think trick or treat just sums it all up.

If we didn’t have tricks in life; illness, cancer, death, car accidents, heartbreak, rough days would we be prepared to see the treats, I mean really prepared. Sometime I wish and I am sure we all do, life could just be one big reese peanut butter cup, you know the special kind, like heart shaped, but If I never ate just a plain reese peanut butter cup would I really appreciate  the deliciousness of the heart shaped peanut butter cup?  You see, I was prepared, well not fully emotionally prepared, it is a process, but at peace with my Mom’s passing because she was at peace and came to terms with it, so yes, cancer was one big trick, some thing no one was prepared for, but it truly was a treat to experience my Mom’s strength, grace and love of family and friends. It was a treat to have faith and courage instilled because of her example through such a courageous battle with cancer. It was a treat to see my Mom at the worst I have ever seen someone suffer, but have the greatest amount of faith, positivity, humor and strength and courage.  Losing my Mom was a trick, a real rotten, trick, but the love, lessons, moments, strength, realness, humor, memories and so much more is a real treat I carry with me everyday. Cancer, is a real, rotten trick, but one treat, I take from cancer is that nothing is certain and some things we can not control, we do our best, do what we can, put up a good fight and keep the faith.

Trick or treat? Life is a real treat, but sometimes we need to sift through the moments and  realize life is what we make of it, sort out the good and learn from the tricks and of course share our treats; our gifts and the moments that we are able to experience and of course the treats that the tricks brought us!

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